Trump Boosts Hemp! The President Federally legalized Cannabis!

It’s official! President just signed the Federal Farm around 3:02p central time. This bill made industrial hemp federally legal across the united states among other huge reformations including food stamps and resources for farmers!

You know what that means! Hemp and hemp-based products derived from legal hemp plants are now a legalized federal commodity, similar to corn and soybean, but with some regulation. States can still keep there own laws in place regarding hemp, but this is a huge victory for the hemp industry, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and various hemp advocacy groups including Legacy Hemp, LLC. We are proud to be able to supply farmers with the certified industrial hemp seed that they need!

This bill does NOT make products derived from marijuana legal however, this is a key distinction. Marijuana is still technically federally illegal. Hemp differs on its THC content (the psychoactive drug). Hemp cannot contain more that 0.3% THC. Industrial hemp CANNOT get you high. However, hemp is a sustainable industrial food, fiber, construction,  biofuel, bioplastic, electronic material, alternative medicine  and many more with huge potential in each of these industries!

What this Farm Bill does for hemp includes: preventing states from interfering with transport of federally legal hemp products, seed, and derivatives. This opens the doors for banks to be more willing to give out loans for hemp operations and business ventures and more!

Specific Regulations on Federal Hemp:

  • Hemp-derived products are explicitly allowed to be transferred across state lines. This means no state can trump this federal ruling and prevent hemp seed or federally legal-grown hemp products to be shipped within through their boarders.
  • Federally legal grown hemp products are now a commercial commodity. Banks and ad platforms like Facebook and Google better change their policies regarding hemp. Previously, hemp was considered a “drug”. Farmers, processors, and commercial traders of hemp. Blow up these companies, demand policy changes regarding hemp!
  • Puts no restrictions on the sale, transport, or possession of federally legal hemp based products! 
  • Hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. At this point the plant is considered Marijuana). Every farmer wishing to grow hemp should be concerned on the genetics of their seed because if it tests hot, the whole field must be destroyed.  Legacy Hemp’s varieties of industrial hemp have never tested “hot” for THC because we know what we are doing!
  • Hemp farmers cannot also grow marijuana. Even if states legalized marijuana at the state level, this excludes farmers from growing federally legal industrial hemp. This will then make the hemp and hemp derived products federally illegal which could result in federal action.
  • Shared state-federal regulatory power over cultivation and production. This means states can impart their own ruling on hemp that do not interfere with federal protections. A state’s plan to regulate hemp must be approved by USDA. If a state does not want to regulate hemp on their own, the USDA will be creating a federally regulated plan that will stand in place. Such a plan will include licencing and registering procedures for hemp farms.
  • Hemp farmers are to be treated as any other farmers. Period. 
  • CBD (cannabidiol) is legal ONLY IF the hemp plant was produced legally under state AND federal law. If the CBD was derived from marijuana: illegal. If the CBD was derived from hemp from a farmer or processor that doesn’t have the legal paper trial to back it up: illegal. Period. There are hoops to jump through people. This ensures that the CBD is of high quality and the processors and growers have followed the rules. Would you put something in your body if you can’t be sure where it came from? I sure wouldn’t!

Farmers get ready! The industrial hemp revolution has just started. Work with the team that has been here since the very beginning.

Be a part of the legacy of industrial hemp.


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