The Foolproof Way To Tell If A Narcissist Is Lying

How do you spot a Narcissist or Narcopath lying? That one is a lot easier than you might think.

If their lips are moving, they are probably lying. Plain and simple. It’s a scientifically proven, fact-checkable, medically accurate historical truth.

All narcissistic people (including but not limited to Narcopaths) tend to lie by habit, regardless of whether they are narcissistic by nurture, due to trauma exposure, or they have depleted EQ or emotion compromising neural anatomy structures being biologically impacted socially by nature.

Lying to self-promote or to psychologically manipulate other human beings minds and emotional bodies is simply something all Cluster B people tend to do.

Narcissists, bless their cold and tiny hearts, are predictable if nothing else.

Learning how to spot the red flags and warning signs that a person who is speaking to you is actually a Covert or Overt social predator striving to self-promote while attention seeking and competing can truly help any human being avoid suffering negative physical and psychiatric consequences from being exposed socially to toxic people.

Here’s the drill.

If you want to know how to catch a Narcissist or Narcopath lying, stop the ridiculous habit of reverse projecting.

Not all human beings share the same core values or process external stimuli the same way; vertical thinkers, horizontal thinkers, and spherical or geometric thinkers tend to process intellectual, spiritual, and pragmatic social details in different ways on a neurological and biochemical level.

You can predictably assume that people who show traits of being egocentric thinkers are behaving in socially competitive ways.

If they are vertical thinkers unable to conceptualize using horizontal thinking dynamics and you put them on a brain scan while simultaneously monitoring hormonal levels likely to influence psychology, guess what happens?

When exposed to external stimuli, the areas of the brain that typically process things like complex emotion related to empathy appear to be suppressed or fail to alight when presented with various graphics or imagery that tend to produce a biological reaction of a predictable neurochemical pattern or nature in neurotypical human types.

What does that mean with regard to social issues, human evolution, and forensic psychology? A lot.

Validating that human beings might all be human but that our brains and bodies don’t necessarily process things like feelings the same way opens the door to all kinds of victim validating research. If you have always tried to tell the truth, to show other human beings respect and compassion, and you strive o teach your children to value (rather than “tolerate”) other people, chances are you are brighter than the average bear and have a higher EQ than a Cluster B person.

Aggression in humans, from an evolutionary perspective, is the root cause of their willingness to lie. The depletion of empathy centers in the mind and the adoption of vertical — rather than horizontal or geometric — thinking patterns is the cause for the readily apparent lack of conscience.

An aggressive human who is socially competitive has no problem lying to get what they want. Not only do they have zero care or concern for who they hurt or caustically impact by telling lies that are believed, the only regret true bio Bs have tends to be that they were caught — NOT regretting or intellectually grasping that the validation their victims seek is to have the liar publically admit the lie, correct the false or misleading impression, and to show remorse for the activity of lying.

Vertical thinkers see a successful lie as a win. They see someone who is unwilling to lie to win as a loser.

Until victims realize that the Cluster B person lies in life the same way poker player’s strive to mislead other gamers, they are going to fall prey to the social abuser. Until enablers stop preaching the gospel of gaslighting, telling everyone ridiculous notions like all humans are the same at heart, everyone on the planet is going to continue to be abused, used, and socially polluted by the NLP infection that causes children to grow up believing such abuse enabling toxic thinking patterns.

Liars lie because they are socially competitive. Realizing that in their RPG, lying is a tool they use to get them what they want from innocent victims, people who insist on behaving like sheeple are going to continue to be willing Narcissistic Supply sources.

If you logging into a Playstation game and were told by the game creators that your character’s mission in life was to social climb, establish a pack, and to seek to rise to a point of Alpha Domination using any and all dirty trick and mind control tactics you could daydream up to get the best of a social competitor, chances are patrons might name the game something like SURVIVOR and that they would follow the rules of the game while playing on the virtual island without hesitation.

If you were ON the Survivor television show, chances are you would follow the customs…

  • lie
  • hoard
  • steal
  • cheat
  • mislead
  • withhold information
  • make unholy alliances
  • rally servants to crew a task force
  • seek to intimidate while promising to favor those who are willing to play Beta
  • establish an elite factor of pack predators
  • stereotype and target rivals for exclusion, social failure, or extermination
  • do whatever it took to ensure your own survival first, followed by protecting an Enabler labor force before nostalgic interests

Their own children are typically lied to the most, as narcy people tend to view children as property — not people.

Narcissistic people tend to do or say whatever they daydream up minute by minute to lie to children about. Uncle Johnny — the man who only comes over when daddy is out of town — is not a name you should ever discuss, as Mommy Dearest has a cover story for every time he comes to visit.

People who compulsively lie by habit are known as Pathological Liars in self-help social circles. It’s no coincidence that most people who are pathological liars show traits of Cluster B thinkers almost unilaterally and without exception.

If your partner, parent, friend, co-worker, political representative, or child lies to or about other people on a regular basis, chances are they have a personality disorder.

Via FlyingMonkeysDenied By Plato’s Stunt Double

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