FDA Approves Cannabis for Brain Cancer Treatment

In a recent revolutionary release, the FDA –Food & Drug Authority in the United States of America has given approval to cannabis for the treatment of brain cancer.

Lately, Insys Therapeutics has made the announcement that FDA has granted the designation of “orphan drug” to the proprietary cannabidiol product range for treating glioma –a type of tumor that tends to start in the spine or brain. To receive the designation of “orphan drug” by the FDA, the particular pharmaceutical is required to aim at treating a disease that is known to affect less than 200,000 individuals in the world –while there might be some exceptions. The companies out there in the pharmaceutical industry can look forward to applying for the ODD –Orphan Drug Designation through a specialized FDA application.

ODD for Cannabis

The report that the FDA has granted the reputation of ODD to a specific CBD product for the treatment of glioma turns out significantly important. This implies that the government of the United States of America believes the presence of the scientific evidence to be strong enough for justifying the fact that cannabinoid can be effectively used in the treatment of brain cancer in the humans. The government could have gone forward with simply denying the approval if there were no strong evidence. However, such approval indicates the true therapeutic potential of the CBD product.

The Significant Results of the Cannabis Approval

While the progress towards giving approval to the cannabis-based product for the treatment of brain cancer appears quite significant, there is still much to be achieved and proven. Firstly, it is an undeniable fact that cannabis is known to work the best when they are used in a certain combination. Therefore, the CBD-only treatment might present poor results in comparison to some complex formulae made out of the THC, CBD, and other sorts of cannabinoids. Moreover, there are also higher chances that the CBD product that is being utilized by Insys could be synthetic. While full-spectrum, organic, whole-plant cannabis extracts are considered the best for the treatment, the FDA approval for the CBD product alone turns out to be a major step.

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