Chronic Pain

When Chronic Pain and Exhaustion Take Over

Like a king desperately plotting his last few moves before he is overtaken, I plot my path around our kitchen. Using each movement to complete as many of my tasks as possible. When exhaustion was an uncomplicated feeling years ago, life was so blessedly simple. Even if I had pain …

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Sudden, Unexpected Death in Chronic Pain Patients

Sudden, unexpected death may occur in a severe, chronic pain patient, and the terminal event may be unrelated to medical therapeutics. Fortunately, sudden death is not as commonly observed in pain patients as in past years most likely due to better access to at least some treatment. Sudden death still …

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When Do Epidural Steroid Injections Work for Back Pain?

For most people with back pain, surgery is recommended only after all other options have been exhausted. A common nonsurgical approach to pain relief is epidural steroid injections, which help reduce inflammation around your spinal cord and spinal nerves. They are primarily intended for temporary pain relief, but steroid injections …

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