Borderline Personality Disorder

SNL’s Pete Davidson Says He Has Borderline Personality Disorder

In an interview on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson talked about being in rehab for marijuana use and revealed he was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Davidson, 23, has been open about using marijuana before, both to help his Crohn’s disease and recreationally. But the comedian told Maron his …

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10 Movies That Got Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms (Mostly) Right

There’s so much stigma surrounding borderline personality disorder (a mental illness characterized by emotional dysregulation and unstable interpersonal relationships) that finding a movie that accurately depicts it can feel like an impossible task. Many people only know BPD based on stereotypes, so it’s easy to question whether compassionate depictions of BPD …

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4 Celebrities With Borderline Personality Disorder Who Make Me Feel Seen

May is borderline personality disorder awareness month, and as someone who struggles with quiet/discouraged borderline personality disorder, I love spreading awareness and education on this personality disorder. There are still so many stereotypes and such a strong stigma following this mental health condition, but awareness is increasing. While there aren’t a plethora of borderline personality disorder activists …

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