Tuesday , August 4 2020


Oklahoma fines medical cannabis processor $500,000 for pesticide use

Oklahoma regulators levied a $541,000 fine on a medical marijuana business and ordered it to cease operations after allegedly exceeding pesticide limits and committing other violations. The Edmond-based processor of concentrates and extracts, Moon Mix, was the subject of the state’s first product recall in May. A recent KWTV investigation “showed four different pesticides …

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Lady Gaga: ‘Chronic Pain Is No Joke’

One of the few celebrities brave enough to speak openly about their battle with chronic pain is talking about it again – in a fashion magazine. “Chronic pain is no joke. And it’s every day waking up not knowing how you’re going to feel,” Lada Gaga told Vogue in a cover story. Last …

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The Ultimate Guide To Ignoring A Narcissist

History lessons would have far fewer horror stories if only people were able to spot a narcissist when a pompous, self-important and self-centered douche walked up to them. Whatever the century, we all collectively allow a narcissist to overwhelm and smother us with their fanciful grandiose sense of self-importance, which …

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Canadian scientists are testing whether compounds in marijuana can prevent coronavirus from ‘hijacking’ human cells

A team of Canadian scientists is testing whether or not marijuana compounds can block coronavirus infection. Researchers at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta looked at 400 cannabis strains and focused on about a dozen that showed promise in preventing the virus from ‘hijacking’ our cells. They say extracts of cannabidiol (CBD), …

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