5 Signs That Prove Once And For All Someone You Know Is A Psychopath

A psychopath is generally defined as “a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with violent or abnormal social behavior.” We think of psychopaths as people who kill people out of randomness or have a quick, hot temper that leads to violence. That is partially true, but psychopaths could also be non-violent. If you watch a person closely, you can spot the signs that showcase the person’s psychopathic nature as tame as it may look. Here are 5 signs that will help you spot out a psychopath among the crowd.

1. They Are Nice – Too Nice

There is nothing wrong with being nice. Kindness is a wonderful virtue. But if you notice someone who was took their kindness to extreme levels, you may notice that something isn’t right with them. Psychopaths are extroverts who are great talkers and can allure people into their small talks or stories that may or may not be true. Think of the old Dos Exquis man, “the most interesting man in the world,” and all of those tidbits they mention which is very astounding. Those commercials were seducing, weren’t they? If someone gives you such a story that makes him or her the hero – not about another person, but they – a yellow flag will go up that makes you suspect something fishy about that person.

2. Compassion? What Compassion?

They may be nice people, but it doesn’t mean that they sympathize with your problems. They will compliment on your dress or your car, but they will never feel bad about you being unemployed or getting a divorce. They don’t even feel the same about their own family. His or her parents could be a loving couple, yet feel that they have mentally damaged them during their childhood. Siblings, uncles and aunts, and other family friends are also not immune to getting a low blow comment. Psychopaths are emotionally selfish. Anything they say or do to harm others will be responded without an apology because, in their minds, that is life and these people need to get over it. Such an anti-compassionate comment should raises any flag.

3. The Conscience Is Nil

Staying with the theme of emotional libertarianism, psychopaths don’t just feel any regret to other people; they have no thoughts about life. There is no moral barometer in them. Stealing, assaulting, cussing out, murder – there is no space in thought to realize what they have done and they are now regretting it. Instead, they shift the blame onto other people for whatever made-up excuse they could think of. They try to plant themselves as the victim and smear the other person as the real villain. It is a portrait of being the king of the castle and the others as all of the king’s men.

4. They Think They Are Above the Law

Again, staying with the concept of anti-compassion, psychopaths love to do what they want to do. This is where we know to be the common psychopath is a narcissist who doesn’t mind committing crimes because they believe they won’t get caught or they feel they should be allowed to do it. It’s a lawless world in their minds. Think of a mobster who will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to prevent anything or anyone getting gin their way. The mob never cared much for law enforcement. Every time they walked into a courtroom, they expected to walk free. The mafia is basically a club for psychopaths and fit this description of psychopathy. Just read about the real-life figures, dead or alive, and determine yourself if John Gotti or Al Capone were psychopaths.

5. Others’ Emotions Are A Feast

Just because they have no feelings towards another person’s feelings doesn’t mean that person shouldn’t have feelings. If a psychopath sees emotion, they will pounce on it in a heartbeat. Psychopaths are intellectual in a certain way by influencing the behavior of others to a certain degree where that person may be unaware of what is happening. Under their spell, the targeted person may get coerced into doing something for the psychopath. That reversal of sympathy is power to him or her, having telekinetically (so to speak) convincing the other person that they should sympathize with them.


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