Tuesday , October 27 2020

‘Vitamin Weed’: Neuroscientist says cannabis oil slows down aging process

euroscientist Dr. Michele Ross says she believes everyone can benefit from ‘vitamin weed’, or daily cannabis oil use.  “Cannabis is the key to unlocking preventative medicine,” says Dr. Ross.  “It helps protect your DNA from damage so it can actually slow down the aging process. I think everyone should use cannabis oil, you should learn about it, you shouldn’t be afraid.”

In this clip from the Reset with Amber Lyon podcast, Dr. Ross says she takes Rick Simpson Oil on a daily basis to achieve endocannabinoid homeostasis.   Endocannabinoids are your brain’s natural marijuana and play a major role in overall health including the regulation of appetite, anxiety control, blood pressure, bone mass, reproduction, and motor coordination.  Deficient cannabinoid levels may be the underlying cause of numerous health conditions alleviated by cannabis.

Dr. Ross is a former drug researcher for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, turned medical marijuana advocate.

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