Thursday , May 28 2020

Mike Tyson Smokes Foot-Long Joint At Marijuana Festival

Even though he’s hung up his gloves, Mike Tyson is a still a real hot boxer.

The former world heavyweight champion was spotted smoking a huge joint at a marijuana festival, as he attempted to go from ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ to ‘Highest Man on the Planet.’

The 52-year-old might not be a pro athlete anymore but you needn’t worry about his lung capacity.

Tyson actually owns a 40-acre cannabis ranch close to California’s Death Valley, which he decided to open after the US state legalised weed.

He’s a strong believer in the healing properties of the drug, and even has his own school for prospective weed growers called ‘The Tyson Cultivation School.’

He’s also looking to advance research of the benefits of marijuana, specifically CBD, which has no psychoactive properties and is used to treat inflammatory ailments.

It also stands to be a lucrative business for Tyson, with the sales of legal marijuana in North America estimated to reach $20.2 billion by 2021, according to Forbes.

No wonder he’s clearly so keen to advance the normalisation of the drug:

The video was posted to the Instagram account CMW420 with a tag a mate caption:

@miketyson Smoking A Fatty W/ @breal @brealtv

It looks like the video was taken at a festival in advance of a collaboration Tyson undertook with B Real – of Cyprus Hill fame – on his Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast and YouTube channel.

They discuss the future of sports medicine, overcoming adversity, and Cypress Hill’s latest album Elephants On Acid.

You can watch it below:

Tyson hasn’t always had such a loving relationship withe drugs, however.

Tyson, now retired, had described his ferocious appetite for drink and drugs, which dated back to trying cocaine at the age of 11 and first being given alcohol as a baby in New York, calling himself a full blown ‘coke head’.

He’s the youngest boxer ever to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles, but he said he regrets his drug use led to ‘Herculean’ mood swings, and admitted to being high during a number of high-profile fights.

Tyson said he was close to death in August 2013 due to his chronic alcoholism.

But after several years of rehabilitation treatment it seems the world’s baddest is on the road to longer term recovery and enjoying the little – and foot-long – things in life along the way.

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