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Friday , January 22 2021

10 Comebacks To Put Narcissists People Back In Their Place

We all know how hard it is to deal with such people. Sometimes they seem nice and charming and other times, they can be rude, egotistical and manipulative. If you often struggle with narcissists or if you feel that they are trying to manipulate you, use these simple phrases to shut them down:

  1. Learn how to say ″no″

Some people have difficulty saying no. If you are one of them, you should learn how to stand up for yourself, especially when you deal with narcissists. Your happiness depends on you, so never let anyone to ruin that.

  1. Use their name as often as possible

By addressing someone by their name you take the control of the situation. When you talk to a narcissist, use their name as often as you can in order to command their attention.

  1. ″Prove it and I will believe it″

Narcissists never keep their promises, so don’t put your trust in these people. When their promise sounds too good to be true, tell them that you will believe it when you see it. This phrase will throw them off their game.

  1. Look them in their eyes

If the narcissist’s ego gets out of control, look them in their eyes and respond calmly. This will tell them that you know their intentions, as well as the insecurities they are struggling with.

  1. ″The world doesn’t revolve around you″

Narcissists always seek attention and they believe that their own needs and wants are more important than those of others. Therefore, when you deal with them, let them know that they aren’t the center of your life.

  1. ″I am not afraid″

Narcissists often use fear as their manipulation tactic. They try to emotionally abuse you in order to make you feel helpless. Therefore, let them know that they can’t evoke fear in you, since you are not afraid.

  1. ″Slow down″

Narcissists are manipulators and they make decisions depending on how the new situation will benefit them. If you feel that they are pushing you in a certain direction towards something that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to stop them and tell them to slow down.

  1. ″I am not the one who is bad″

Narcissists can turn every situation in their favor in order to make themselves victims. Therefore, refuse to accept the blame they try to put on you.

  1. ″I am self-determined and assertive″

Narcissists often manipulate people by telling them they are either overreacting or that they are too sensitive. Next time, if a narcissist tells you this, respond by telling them that you are not too sensitive but a self-determined and assertive individual.

  1. ″Don’t change the subject″

Narcissists will always try to make you feel guilty for every situation. They will do that by twisting your words and making you think that they haven’t done anything wrong and that all is your fault. Therefore, you shouldn’t let them stray from the topic.


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