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Psychopaths make everybody feel uneasy. There are millions of psychopaths who live in this world without being noticed. Of course, not all of them are criminals or murderers, but is does not mean that they are no psychopaths.

8 Indications that somebody is a Psychopath

1. They love looking down at people

Because they possess low self-esteem and insecurity issues, a psychopath will do everything in their power to belittle people.

They know all the right buttons to push with people, and in the end you will find yourself apologizing for things that are far from the truth or reality.

2. They do not empathize

Psychopaths lack empathy – they simply aren’t able to understand the emotions of other people on a deeper level than that of just recognizing them. They won’t feel sorry for anybody, and they will never accept your feelings as relevant (except when they need to use them against you).

If you find yourself discussing the misfortunes of other people, they will not only fail to empathize with their state, but they might even toss the blame on the people who are suffering, regardless of whether they had any say or choice in the situation.

3. They are the eternal victim

It doesn’t matter what they did to you, because somehow, they will always make the fight about themselves. Even if they’ve hurt you, they will find a way to turn away the conversation and remind you of their painful past when heir partner treated them as a victim.

This is inevitable. It is one of their best defensive mechanisms. Just try not to let them fool you.

4. Rapid shifts in mood

Because their calmness is just staged for the purpose of being in control, the psychopath can easily switch that mode off when they see that it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. They are able to swing wildly between moods, and this is also another way they are trying to win the argument.

This happens when they feel that they’re being out-argued, and this is when they burst out of their cold shell and unleash a torrent of abuse, attacking you with everything they have in store for you, while also taking advantage of other forms of manipulation.

5. They will never accept a point well made that goes against their word

And no, it doesn’t matter how well-structured and proved your argument is, you’ll never be able to convince a psychopath to believe you.

No matter how stupid and unreasonable it may be, it is always their word against yours. So, let me tell you something. Don’t waste your time around these people. You will never win their fight.

6. They are liars

When you argue with a psychopath about something they did (or didn’t do) in the past, expect a tsunami of lies that are tied to one another and create a completely different reality that has nothing to do with the facts.

They will do everything to deny their wrongs and they will try to toss the blame on everyone else. And if you introduce strong evidence of their actions, they will use your words and twist them to fit the reality they’re trying to create for you.

7. They have multiple personalities

These people have multiple identities inside of them and use them as a proper disguise for every occasion. If you try to distance yourself, they’ll start apologizing, if you attack them, they’ll become a merciless monster, if you blame them, you are suddenly crazy.

If you’ve noticed this behavior in a person, disengage immediately.

8. They never take responsibility for their actions

Psychopaths have a grandiose vision of themselves, and they won’t allow anything to ruin it. And this comes with avoiding taking any kind of responsibility for the things they’ve done. They are ready to go to such lengths as to toss their responsibility onto others and defend their false image to the death.

They’re simply incapable of admitting any fault on their behalf, and they will do anything to toss it off their back.

Don’t forget that a psychopath can have only 1 or 2 of the above mentioned characteristics. It seems that there are more psychopaths than normal people.


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